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Friday, April 22, 2005

Good Unforgettable One-Day at Google India Hyderabad

Hi this is not mine but someone else's interview at Google Hyderabad, its really interesting to read out.
Last week Saturday [26/03/2005] was an UNFORGETTABLE, :) experience in my life. I have been called for a Final round interview at Google India Hyderabad, along with Veer Ganesh, Haroon Imran, Kumar Deepam, Jayashree Ramasubramaniam, Arjun Rajagopalan, Faheem Anaikar, out of 16,000 + people who has applied for the job [numbers as given by Mr. Akshay, HR hey, that’s great na?:)]. It was my first experience to take up a flight to Hyderabad. When we landed their 3 cabs were waiting for us to pick up to the Hi-tech City, the land where Google resides. It took some 20 – 25 minutes to reach the place. The Whole building is really amazing transparent art of work....More


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